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Diesel’s Story

By March 17, 2016 No Comments

Diesel Combo

Recently our client Diesel came in suffering from chronic vomiting and severe weight loss. It had been 4 weeks and while he was still eating, he was also vomiting after every meal. We did x-rays on his stomach and saw that there was a large round mass in Diesels stomach. We suspected that it was a toy ball and gave the owner the option of an exploratory surgery (laparotomy) or endoscopic procedure. The owner chose to go with exploratory surgery and we removed a plastic ball from Diesels stomach. Diesel is an adorable little English Bulldog and he gave us a good reminder that our furry friends love to swallow things that they shouldn’t. Always double check that your pets’ aren’t small enough to be swallowed. Be especially careful with any treat dispensing toys as those are extra tasty! Diesel went home after spending 3 days with us and we hope that he’s feeling better now that his tummy isn’t full of plastic.