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  • Mar 25 2020

    Sample Post

    This is some sample text. This is some sample text. This is some sample text. This is some sample text.This is some sample text. This is some sample text. This…

  • Jun 11 2016

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    Life’s Tough Choices

    There are countless reasons to love working at an animal hospital including puppies, kittens, saving lives, and the daily joy of meeting new animals every day. However as in any…

  • Apr 13 2016

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    The Money Issue

    Money is an issue we often deal with in the veterinary world. We hear people complain about prices all the time or mutter as they leave that all we care…

  • Mar 17 2016

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    Diesel’s Story

    Recently our client Diesel came in suffering from chronic vomiting and severe weight loss. It had been 4 weeks and while he was still eating, he was also vomiting after…

  • Feb 26 2016

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    Flea Season Is Upon Us!

    No owner wants to think that their pet has fleas, but unfortunately here on the West Coast it rarely gets cold enough to rid us of these little pests. Fleas…

  • Feb 07 2016

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    Highlights of 2015

    This past year was a pretty eventful one here at Menzies. We had a few goodbyes and a bunch of hellos. We said goodbye to our long time manager Amanda…

  • Jan 16 2016

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    Welcome to Our Blog!

    Welcome to Menzies Pet Hospital’s blog! Working at an animal hospital can be a wonderful job! It is interesting, challenging, and ever changing. We have happy days where we save…

  • Apr 27 2015

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    The importance of your pets oral health

    You go to the dentist twice a year….so..why shouldn’t your pets? Oral health for pets is just as important as it is for you. Proper dental work and maintenance will…

  • Apr 27 2015

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    Dental Month with Royal Canin

    In honor of dental month, our friends at Royal Canin have launched a promotional campaign. Follow the link below, and follow the steps towards learning more about your pets oral…

  • Apr 27 2015