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  • We take our clients by appointments, but try to accommodate walk-ins and emergencies as well as we can.
  • As soon as you enter our spacious reception area, you are greeted by our friendly receptionists and clinic cats Timone and Pumba.
  • You are courteously asked to fill up a new client registration form (if new client) and to provide a brief history about your pet and the concerns you have about your pet(s).
  • Our friendly receptionist takes your pet’s photo (with your permission) that will appear on future invoices, certificates and medical records.
  • You are escorted to one of our exam rooms where you have a one-on-one consultation with one of our veterinarians. The veterinarian will patiently listen to your concerns and perform a thorough physical exam on your pet. He or she will then explain to you his/her findings and possible solutions with pros and cons of each. Our veterinarians’ goal is to make sure that you are fully comfortable and satisfied by answering all of your quarries and concerns before proceeding to perform any procedure on your pet.
  • We will provide you (on request) with an upfront itemized written estimate for all of the tests and procedures to be performed on your pet, and are committed to stick to that estimate to the best of our ability with no hidden costs. Our policy is to not impose any unnecessary tests or procedures on your pet. Our protocol is to do the absolutely needed tests and procedures first, followed by less important ones and cosmetic ones at the end to balance your budget with your pet’s health care needs, but without compromising the health of your pet. Be assured that the health of our patients is our highest concern and we would do everything possible to maintain that health.

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