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Highlights of 2015

By February 7, 2016 No Comments

This past year was a pretty eventful one here at Menzies. We had a few goodbyes and a bunch of hellos. We said goodbye to our long time manager Amanda as she left to pursue her education and begin her family. She is doing very well and checks in periodically to make sure we are managing to survive without her. We welcomed some new faces to our practice – Jamie, Tifany, and Dorothea. We also said goodbye to Dr Paul who left to start his own clinic in Regina. We wish him the best of luck in his new city!

Many of our clients finally got to meet Dr Partini last year, who has been working with Dr Mann for many years as a tech.  Dr Partini officially became a Canadian vet this year. It was pretty exciting for all of us as we now have two regular vets again.  As we’ve had many chances to say this year, you might not know Dr Partini, but your pets certainly do!

Throughout 2015 we had the opportunity to work with numerous specialty vets. Dr Jandi is a familiar face here at Menzies as he performs all the TPLO surgeries. TPLO surgery is a knee surgery where they reattach muscles, for those of you who are lucky enough not to know what a TPLO surgery is. We also welcomed Dr Bendal into our clinic for an orthopedic surgery. He sure showed us the true meaning of fastidious surgery! Dr Bendal took contamination control to a new level as all staff were banished to the reception area. While we would have loved to watch the complex surgery, keeping the pet safe takes precedence.  We also got the chance to work with Dr Ford who is an eye specialist. Dr Mann’s own Romeo was suffering from ongoing eye issues and he got to work hand in hand with Dr Ford.  Dr. Gorodetsky brought an endoscope into our clinic and we got to learn the many benefits of endoscopic procedures. As a less intrusive and potentially cheaper alternative to exploratory surgery we are looking into bringing this innovation into our clinic as a treatment option for our patients. We are looking forward to this year and the new vets we will get to work with; we will hopefully get the chance to learn some new tricks as well!

During October and December we tried some new ideas and had a costume contest and joined a parade! Our costume contest was an absolute delight and we got to see an utterly adorable Rottweiler ladybug and a spectacularly spooky Fozzie spider. You can see those pictures on our Facebook in the October Pet of the Month album. In December we participated in the Christmas parade. Despite being grey, damp, and cold we had a fun time giving away some coupons and candy canes. On December 23rd we got to show off our clinic with an open house. We offered Holiday photos and hot chocolate and got to meet our clients in a new way.

Finally, we got a bit of an overhaul. December and continuing into January.  Our reception area was cleaned up and our working space is much less cluttered. We also have a new in house lab so we can offer cheaper, quicker blood work to our clients. Both of our doctors are extremely happy with this new improvement. Only ten minutes to get blood work results! This has made our surgeries much safer and improved overall healthcare options for our clients. Keep your eyes open for the new pictures we’ll be posting soon on our website.

Overall we had a pretty productive and interesting year. Of course, none of it would have happened without you, our loyal clients. Thank you all of for your continued support and we can’t wait to see you and your furry family members in 2016.